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Amai the Mongol

Prof. Jambalsuren’s son ZOLBAYAR , commonly known as Amai (project name) was born on June 28th, 1979 in capital Ulaanbaatar of Mongolia, during the communist time into an intellectual elite family (his father is a university teacher and his mother is an economist). He grew up in Ulaanbaatar however soon the family moved to the Soviet Union to the city of Irkutsk because of his father`s work. There he studied in a Soviet school for four years until the age of twelve, learning the Russian language and culture from very early on. After communism collapsed and relations between the two countries died down, the family returned to Mongolia.

In 1991 Amai entered the very elitist high school N°23. This was the time when the iron curtain fell, after 70 years of ideological brainstorm and communist autarky, letting him discover Western culture with the greatest interest and enthusiasm. During the same time he watched his homeland spiraling down endlessly into an economic and political crisis. He and most Mongols got blinded by the glittering lights of New York, Tokyo and Paris, forgetting about Mongolia`s rich heritage.

After having graduated from high school in 1997 and upon realizing Mongolia`s backwardness in comparison to other more modern and developed nations, Amai became an avant-garde artist and musician, promoting electro music and thereby giving the youth, Mongolia`s lost generation, a chance to see the world with different eyes.

At the same time while both working at FM radio station as well as managing the UFO Nightclub in Ulaanbaatar, Amai studied at the Mongolian National University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Foreign Affairs in Japanese Studies. Soon after, he enrolled in the Academy of Business and Administration of Mongolia and the Mongolian University of Culture.

In addition, to satisfy his endless curiosity Amai took multiple courses, as for example electricity, computer sciences, traditional Mongolian music, music production, design, video editing and photography.

Amai was able to fully express himself by means of the progressively managed studio he created with the help of family investments. His goal was to promote new movements through music, video, design, events and other forms of expression to open the mind of the “lost generation” he once belonged to as well.

In 2001, Amai laid the foundation for the “Club 21” movement with the goal to unify all people who liked electro music. His idea was not only to promote the vibrant electro music culture but to go far, further and beyond and bring more ideas from abroad, not to simply copy and follow, but to understand, learn and create.

“Club 21” organized several well-known PR events involving and uniting Mongolia’s leading musicians, bands, DJ`s and models. Thus in 2005, Amai was nominated as “Best Event Promoter” because of his thoughtful ideas and innovative projects.

Further on, Amai went into production and started to produce the TV program “Club 21”. The idea behind this project was to show to Mongol people the most intriguing clubs, parties and fashion trends to be found throughout the world.

Shootings took place in cities like Singapore, Tokyo, Moscow and Chicago. The programs were edited for broadcast but the project was quickly stopped by censorship after its first broadcast because Mongolian society was not ready to accept what they interpreted as the promotion of alcoholism and bad morals.

Amai composed and released three albums: “I Love You” (2002), “Who Am I” (2003) and “Indigo” (2005).  The latter of which was available for free download on Internet to underline that artist are not merchants.

Through the electro music culture Amai learned more about modern Western culture and experimented with several fusions of the two totally different cultures to create something new.

For him it has been the only way to prevent ancestral cultures from disappearing under the pressure of globalization. Furthermore, Amai believes that this is also a way to make the world understand and feel Mongolia and see it in a different light

Amai Mongol Badarchin project

After all these experiences in arts and entertainment, Amai decided that the time has come to embrace his destiny.

Since November 4th he is on a mission around the world following the ancestral Mongol tradition of Badarchin (a traveler and messenger who leaves his safe haven to gain knowledge and seek spiritual enlightenment). He visited 86 countries and spent 11 years on the road.

Since Mongolia has been released from the ideological vacuum, Amai`s trip sparked the curiosity of many Mongols. He has been seeking for knowledge and understanding of the world and its various cultures in order to bring back and share his experiences with his people. Also, he wants to explain to the world about the world`s last nomadic civilization which is disappearing in the midst of globalization.

Upon his return from first mission the Mongolian public gave Amai a very warm welcome at Sukhbaatar Square, the Central Square of the capital. Afterwards he was officially received by the Mongolian President and the Mongolian Prime Minister who showed their respect to Amai and his outstanding venture. Amai has been honored as a “Hero of the youth” by the general public. Furthermore, the Union of Peace and Friendship awarded Amai the honorary “Medal of Friendship”, the Mongolian Journalist Association ranked his writings to receive the highest nomination in 2011 and the Academy of Science and Technology of Mongolia thanked Amai by giving him the highest academic medal “Khublai Khaan”. Also, awarded Amai the title of “Professor of Foreign Studies”.

With time passing by and Amai becoming more of a public spokesperson, further awards have been received.

Within one year of having rested from his first travel mission and starting the second project, Amai wrote and published the first four editions of the planned nine books.

Finally and maybe above all, Amai is a committed traveler, militating against global warming and standing up for the respect and love of the Earth which represents the God Mother in the Mongolian traditional believe Tengirism.

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Mongol badarchin_3

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Zaaval India-aar aylaarai

Nara wrote on 2008/04/23 - 16:37

India ch hetsuu gazar shuu… Gol in humuus in ih muukhai. Indiad ochvol OTTO-d suukhdaa bolgoomjtoi ehleed uridchilan sain yarij haan hurekh gej bgaagaa theled unee tohirch bgaarai… Tegeed Indiad ochsniikh Taj Mahal-iig uzekh heregtei Agara geed hotod bgaa.. za tegeed Good luck…

Sukh wrote on 2008/04/25 - 02:22

ta bolgoomjtoi sain yavaad ireerei

ariunaa wrote on 2008/04/26 - 17:08

hey ene udriin mendiig hvrgii.Delhiigeer sain aylaarai teged mongoldoo heregtei, ashiglaj bolohuits tergvvn turshlaguudiig sudlaad ireerei za, Aylald chin amjilt hvsii

Undku wrote on 2008/04/28 - 14:44

Umnud amerikiin hul bumbugiin togloltoos zaaval bichleg avchraarai.
zaaval zochloh site

cdeq wrote on 2008/04/28 - 14:58

huuh barag duusahnee…mundag yumaa….harin ta Kazahstand ochson yumuu? ter ulsiin talaar almaty, bas shine hot Astana zergiig ni taniltsuulaach….minii bodloor ene uls ih sonirholtoi sanagddag…mongoltoi ih olon yum ni adilhan, bas zarim vg ni ch bas adil utgatai…tegsen murtluu orsoor yariad, barag oros ch yum shig….

uyanga wrote on 2008/04/30 - 23:20

Indiad neeree zaaval ochooroi. HUmuus n muuhai bishee. haa gazar l sain muu humuus baidag. gol n ooroo l bolgoomjtoi baival.

japan2 wrote on 2008/05/01 - 09:26

Minii bodloor chi odoo aylaliin haa hamgiin magadgui hetsuu uye deer yavj baij magad. delhiin gazrin zurgiig yuronhiid n harahad, aftik hamgiin challenging haragdaj baina. bas olon orontoi ch yum.
gehdee, hamgiin orgil uye n ch yum biluudee. good luck!!!

japan2 wrote on 2008/05/01 - 09:30

Hey Amai!

Yunii omno ingej delhiig toiron yavj bgaa chin uneheer goe sanagdlaa.

Gurj, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz, Turkmenistan ruu yvah uu yor n?

Bi yavj uzdii biluu gej bodood. Wanna make a challenge to myself: to visit 25 countries before I turn 25, hahah.
Ene heden -stan… tegeed bas omnod aziin visagui zorchij boldog ornuuud bolon ter haviar yavad 25 bolchih bh aa, hehe.

Anyways, be careful! Nutagtaa sain yavj bgaad butsaj ireerei.

Holla from Prague, CZ.

Munho wrote on 2008/05/12 - 06:12

+ Nepal and India?

Munho wrote on 2008/05/12 - 06:16

Hi again!

Sorry for spamming.. :P

Gehdee hervee zav garval ch yum uu orj uzeerei!
End tend yavjehda bas cham shig yavjegaa buddy tendees oldog ch yum uu, turshlaga huvaaltsah ch yum uu, u know…

Munho wrote on 2008/05/12 - 06:55

сэтгэл итгэлээрээ ах тантай хамт шүү.Таниар бид бахархадаг шүү.уртын урт замаа амжилттай туулаад ирээрэй.

puuz wrote on 2008/05/13 - 19:33

india orj uzereei,tegehdee joohon bolgomjtoi yavahgui bol daruul chi shuu.

bbb wrote on 2008/06/01 - 01:11

hey yunii tvrvvnd ayalald chini amjilt hvsie. za tgd olon ornoor yavad zondoo l shine shine zviliig vzej bga bailgvide. nere irehdee oron ornii amid hogjimiin hamtlagiin talaar medee medeelel avchiraarai. za amjilt

undraa wrote on 2008/06/06 - 14:09

India.n Phaya nar hettsvv shvv. Yaj mungu salgah wii ene ter geed ih sanaatai. hool hvns ch yum u zarim 1 yum awah gej bga bol ter xvnsnii saw baglaa deer n Rs.n vniin bichttsen bga. amjilt

Amzo wrote on 2008/06/10 - 06:31

Hey Amai blogoo jaahan zambarmaatai bolgomoor yumaa. unshij yavaj biatal tuurcih yum tegeed end tendgui eldev hamaagui commentuud. Ali esvel ene cinii style yumuu? Hervee des daraatai bolgocihvol unshihad saihan bna. gej.

Blog iin tuhai wrote on 2008/06/15 - 20:10

hey amai man!!!! you have to come to Korea man!!! this is very nice place … you can meet me huh!!! kkk anyways i reccomend you to come to korea ok there so many sightseeing…

Tengis wrote on 2008/07/04 - 17:57

hey amai man!!!! you have to come to Korea man!!! this is very nice place … you can meet me huh!!! kkk anyways i reccomend you to come to korea ok there so many sightseeing..

Tengis wrote on 2008/07/04 - 17:58

Tailandad ireerei! End uzex gazar gevel. Nong Kai xot, Pattaya aral, Bangkok gexchilen nileen yum bgaa. Bi odooxondoo end bgaa gexdee udaxgui butsnaa. Chamaig ayalj bna gj sonsson l boloxoos iim ix gazar yavchixsaniig chini medeegui. Unexeer sonirxoltoi bna shuu!

Bumbuulei N wrote on 2008/07/28 - 02:13

hamgiin exleed haan ochsonch bolgomjtoi yavaarai gemeer bna.neere turk ochoj uzsen uu.yosti tasarxai gazar daa.ter antalya,alanya, izmir.g.m hamgiin goe gazar ni istanbul shuu.ix uvurmuts ix goe.humuus ni ch gesen mash saixan setgeltei yum bna shu.kazakstan bol tasarsan gazar sht ugasa.yagad orosoor yaridag ve gexer orosoos garsan sht.tiim e kazakstan bas turk uls ix goe yanzin gazaruud yum daa…orosch mun amjilt husie.

mogi wrote on 2008/08/01 - 10:58

Sainu? amai
tanais neg yum asuuh gsen yumaa Lebanon gej yamarhuu gazar bnaa ayultai gazar bdagiin boluu neg temdeglelees ni dain main geel unshlaa ene gazriin talaar medeelel heregtei bnaa ta ochison uu?

Noogii wrote on 2008/08/16 - 22:53

tand amjilt hvsii bi 2 naiztaigaa delhiig toirhiig boddog umaa nada bolomjooroo yu hereg boldog talaar helj uguuch

tenvvnsaikhan wrote on 2008/09/30 - 14:59

tanid amjilt huseydaa gantsaaraa gehed jinhen tewcheer gargan yawj bga baihdaa Monolchuud mongol zaluus bid taniig setgeleerei demjij bas irhiig chin huleej suugaa aylalaa zaawal amjilttai duusgaarai

delgernyam wrote on 2008/11/05 - 15:33

Мэдээгээр үзэж Сайтыг мэдэж авлаа. Маш зоригтой юмаа. Сэтгэл зүрхээрээ ард түмэнтэйгээ хамт гэж бодож яваарай… Бусад залуусдаа урам зориг өгч зорисондоо хүрээрэй… бид хамт шүү

Baterdene wrote on 2008/11/05 - 18:31

Sainuu Amai,yunii umnu uuriig chin shutdeg bolsnoo helehgui unguruuj chadahgui n;)Bi uuruu sayhnaas ehelj baigaa EDM Dj,producer,duuchin,uran buteelch hun…daraa jil USA-d hugjmiin surguulid yavah gej baigaa…uurtei chin mongold baihad tanilcaagui ch gesen delhiig amjilttai toirood irhed chin hamt uran buteel tuurvina gej bituuhendee naidaj husej baigaa shuu!!!uuriin chin hiisen songolt tuulj unguruulsen buhen chin gaihamshigtai shuu!!!ayan zamd chin hamgiin sain saihaniig husii!!!!P.S-chadah yadhaara tuslanaa!!

Mima wrote on 2008/11/07 - 04:32

hooh chi ch yostoi er hyn yumaa. helehch yg alga. zrisondoo zaaval hyreerei. amjilt hysiye.

Balu wrote on 2008/11/11 - 03:37

… Я видел в Амдо как наш тибетские духовние братья- ламы живут под гнётом коммунизма. Внешне смотришь Китай , вроде бы все прекрасно, инфраструктура страны развиты, скоростной поезд быстро бежит 160 км / час, шопы – магазины набиты товарами, пищами, города неплохими, но в их глазах как у китайцев так и тибетцев, и хотонцам нет счастье, нет уверенности, нет жизне радости . Кругом пропаганда коммунизма, красный флаг, бойцы красной армий Китая.Даже на площади Тянь Ань Миня нет уверенности, нет свободы.
За окном скоростной поезд мелкнули китайские города, ухоженное поле, крестьяне, красно-кирпичные дома.Там все красного цвета. Сердитый такой цвет.
Воздух душно. Еда китайский нам монголам не приемлима. Когда я чувствую запах китайской кухни , сразу рвота.
Наш кумыс, наш баранины мяс, молочный продукт , наш национальное блюдо думается когда ни ел в Китая. 7 дней от китайской блюди я воздержался.
“Пекин- Ланжоу- Шинин- Хух хот- Эрлянь “вот мой маршрут закончился в 12 дней. В Эрляне я сразу с автобуса помчался прямо в ресторан ” Москва”, заказал монгольский блюд, монгольский суп,бууз,пельмени,хуушуур, молочный чай, много пот у меня . Здесь воздух чистый, солнце ярко. Как хорошо, Монголия, моя родина, совсем близко. ..
Из книги Д. Сухебаатара ” Паломник “

D.Sukhbaatar wrote on 2008/11/28 - 15:50

hi ta sain aylaad mongoldoo zaawal ergej ireerei ok!good luck your trawel!!!

soko wrote on 2008/12/08 - 16:41

bolgoomjtoi eruul enkh yavaad ireerei

Zaya wrote on 2009/01/12 - 06:39

Sain yavaad ireerei chi jinhene Mongol er hun yum aa chamd amjilt husey…

shagai wrote on 2009/01/23 - 18:36

chi hezee mgl-doo irehiin bee? chinii trance iig meer sanaj bna. hurdan ireerei

zochin wrote on 2009/02/02 - 18:11

Ama chi chadna mongolchuud bid bvgdeerei chamd itgej bga shvv. bi odoohondooo 16 ulsaar l aylaad bg aylah vneheer sonirholtoi goe shvv

тулга wrote on 2009/02/03 - 12:08

Amai hogshoon, chi namaig medehgui ee, gehdee bi chinii aylaliin chin tuhai buur deer uyes l sonsoj bsan yum, demjij bna shuu, minii hamgii nandin moroodol bol delhiig toiroh yum, amjilttai sain yavaad ireerei, !!!

Aagii wrote on 2009/02/04 - 02:47

sain yawj b.a uu. sain yawaad hurdan eh orondoo ireerei.

tseegii wrote on 2009/02/16 - 13:36

Hooh uneheer goy ymaa. TAnd amjilt husie.

suvd wrote on 2009/02/19 - 02:18

[...] Аялал [...]


Сайн явж байна уу?. Хунийг унасан газар, угаасан ус, эх нутаг нь байнга ивээж байдаг гэж би боддог.Чамд амжилт хүсье!.Урагшаа залуу минь.

migrant wrote on 2009/03/04 - 12:58

Сайн явж байна уу та. Танаа үнэхээр монголын залуусын үлгэр жишээ болж байна. амжилт хүсье !!

Tsengel wrote on 2009/03/05 - 00:44

andaa chamd mash ih amjiltiig l husne dee. mglchuud alttai bolson bolohoor chi tuuniig hurtsen dainii tevcheer az jargaltai zutgeed ireerei. chi endee irehed uuriiguu eh orondoo dutdag bolsoniig oilgonoo. chi ireed mongol ulsiin baigal orchin aylal juulchlaliin said boloh heregtei.
setgeleesee chamaig demjdeg shu.

buya wrote on 2009/03/09 - 18:51


ugluu wrote on 2009/03/10 - 20:55

hi bi mongoloosoo oor gazaraar yavj uzeeguie.tehdee minii moroodol yag tani shig delhiig toiroh uzcheed setgel amar orondoo orood uhen gej boddog . ta aimar aztai hun ymaa taniig urgelj burhan tenger iveeh boltugai.tand amjilt husey bi taniaar baharhaj bn

azjargal wrote on 2009/03/12 - 00:04

Hi Amai! Аялалд чинь томоос том амжилт хүсье! Чи өөрийгөө ялж чадаж байгаа орчин цагийн лидер залуучуудын илэрхийлэл болсон жинхэнэ монгол залуу шүү.!Чамд өөрийгөө ялж зорьсон зорилгодоо хүрэхэд чинь амжилт хүсье!Эх орон чинь, ээж аав, анд найзууд чинь чамайг дэмжиж чихээ дэлдийлгэж суугаа шүү! Миний дүүгийн зам мөр нь тэгш сайхан явах болтугай!

Баяраа wrote on 2009/03/31 - 03:13

sn uu bi taniig bisherch ywdag shvv delhiin bvh opniig toipch duusgachaad eh opondo ergen irehiin erol tawin hvlej suuy

munkhtuya wrote on 2009/04/01 - 13:43

sain uu. bi Singapore Malaysaar aylah xuseltei ene ulsuudad alban uysoot tust yilchilgee yabiildag baiguulalgiin xaygiig olj egeech

lordkhas wrote on 2009/04/12 - 16:08

sain uu amai.15d syria gaas jordan oroo yu eswel israel orson yum uu? aldaa garsan yumshig bh yum on sar ni…

sain uu wrote on 2009/04/20 - 07:15

sonin gar amjilt husie. delhiin untsug bulan burees humuus minii aaw AMAI gedeg gej humuus asuuh bolloo. haha miss u my friend. dont forget the diesel slippers from Alexandria

ang wrote on 2009/04/20 - 15:30

hi amjilt hvsie…

gantulga wrote on 2009/04/27 - 02:51

Sain uu? Aylal sain bizdee? Er hunii zamiin huzuu urtaa gej… Bi chamtai negdej cug ayalaj bolho uu? Nadtai adil bodoltoi zunduu olon zaluuchuud bga bh! Chamtai cug niileh bolomj yu bna? chinii daraagiin uls chin yamar uls ve? Za tgd shuud maileer harilcaj bno shuu!

Gankhurel Ganbaatar wrote on 2009/05/10 - 05:40

odriin mend! amai aylal ni sn biz de sn yvaad ireerei chi chadna keep nmoving forward! ok

amaraa wrote on 2009/07/06 - 16:57


SARNIITUYA wrote on 2009/07/27 - 18:46

amjilt husiye

deegii wrote on 2009/08/03 - 00:03

Hi, amai chamd amjilt husye, mongoliin olon olon zaluuchuudiin baharhal bolson hun chi shuu. yu sanasan buhnee buteegeed ekh orondoo esen mend ergen ireerei.

Sola wrote on 2009/08/27 - 10:18

Hi. Yunii umnu chini ayalald amjilt husey!
Iim zuiliig hiij bna gedeg uneheer gaihaltai. So you are so strong and fighter.
Bi chinii deer bichsen zuiltei sanal neg bna. Yalanguya Spain humuusiin tuhai bichsen heseg. Bi Spain naizuudtai l da. Ted ih neelttei, ilen dalangui bas ih tsarailag, nud ni ih goy. Odoogoor spain naizuudtai bh minii sonirholiig iluu tataj bga.
Irelandad hurdan ireerei, chini sonirholiig uneheer tatna. Humuus ni yag manai oron shig ilgemsuu, nairsag…
Ingeed chini ayalald “AMJILT” husey!

battsetseg wrote on 2009/09/15 - 03:30

hey amai chi alask ochson uu tiishee hezee ochih ve

tsogoo wrote on 2009/12/09 - 14:16

Sain yy?Oort chin’ amjilt hvsey!!!Hvssej yavbal bvtne gedeg!!!Yragshaa naiz min’ yragshaa!!!Zorig gargaj shiidemgii sanaa gargasandaa chi odoo ooroo ch bayarlaj bga bizdee!!!Yhaan,tevcheer 2-oor l hetsvv bvhniig davnadaa!!!Bvv shantar yragshaa!!!Mongol oron mandtygai!!!

Enkhtuya wrote on 2009/12/10 - 00:33

australia, new zeland ruu hezee ayalah ve?

munguuno wrote on 2009/12/15 - 06:28

Bi taniig mash ih demjij bna!!! taniar baharhaj bna!!!

TLG wrote on 2010/01/06 - 04:29

Hi there,

Have you been to Spain? If you have, May I ask you couple of questions from you?



Oyunaa wrote on 2010/01/12 - 15:40

Bi chamaig ih demjij bna gaihaltai aylaliig hiij b.gaad mongold erno ingej aylaj hun barag chi l bhda za tegeed amjilt !!!

idere wrote on 2010/01/30 - 01:03

cooooooool hehe, if you got a time, check out “where the hell is matt?” on YouTube, might give you some new ideas, but do things your own way. GooD LucK \ m / !

dono wrote on 2010/02/12 - 06:41

. Amai odoo haaggur aylaj yavnaa.mongolchuud bid yag odoo tsagaan sariin bituunii udur bituurch bna. chinii aylald amjilt husiy.

Davka wrote on 2010/02/14 - 10:39

chi bol aragguil MGL zaluu uym chamd az jargal sain saihan buhen ireh bolnoo gej bi iteglteigeer helej bna chi Olympiciin avargaas iluu huch hudulmer,mungu zaraj baigaa ! ayan zamdaa aljaalgui sain yavaad eh orondoo ireerei !!! baharhaj bna shu!!!!!!!!! chi sak chi od !! chi cool shuu!!!!!

khongor wrote on 2010/02/28 - 08:14

явсаар л …

eco_mon wrote on 2010/03/07 - 00:33

Сайн байна уу ? Эрхэм андын энэ өдрийн мэндийг хүргэе !
Стануудаар явахад хэцүү гэсэн шүү, угаасаа сайн судлаж байгаа биз дээ. Ер нь болж өгвөл хурдхан дайраад гараарай. Харин Өмнөд Америкад чамайг жинхэнэ адал явдал (аюул багатай) хүлээж байгаа гэж итгэж байна. За аялалаа амжилттай үргэлжлүүлээрэй !

Bambagar wrote on 2010/03/17 - 14:01

hoid solongos ruu yaj ochih gj bn, hervee ochij chadval teriigee heleerei, za amjilt husie

puujee wrote on 2010/04/08 - 02:21

za heden uls bolj bndaa, hoid solongos uruu yaj ochih gej bn, hervee ochvol yaj ochsonoo helcheerei, za amjilt husie,

puujee wrote on 2010/04/08 - 02:23

ta uneheer aguu yumaa :)

zulaa wrote on 2010/05/08 - 02:37


manlai wrote on 2010/05/15 - 04:31

hi vnheer goe bna

ulsaa wrote on 2010/05/18 - 01:44

Сайхан юмаа. Маш их бэрхшээл зовлон бас адал явдалтай тулгарч энэ их үамыг туулсан танд баяр хүргэе. Би аялах дуртай ч ийм их зориг гаргаж ингэж удаан аялаж чадахгүй байх аа. Одоо та үс засалтаа өөрчлөх үү? Ёстой жинхэнэ бадарчин болоод иржээ. Ямар хөөрхөн царайлаг залуу гарлаадаа хэхэ.

Azaa wrote on 2010/05/22 - 04:16

amai ahaa ta bol minii baatar

zuger l wrote on 2010/08/24 - 12:42

amai ahaa ta bol mini uneher tom shuteen bishregch uneher ih baharhjiin

banzai wrote on 2010/08/24 - 12:43

Сайхан санагдаж байнаа

Burga wrote on 2010/12/19 - 15:40


Suvdaa wrote on 2010/12/27 - 11:36

hi udriin mend
uuriin chin aylaliin talaar bichsen nomiig unshij bna ih taalagdaj bgaag helehed taatai bna
daraagiin nomiig tesen ydan hvleej bna shv
amjilt hvsey enehuu nomoosoo manai nomiin sand handivlaj bolohuu
uchir ni bi Ulaanbaatar hotiin tuv nomiin sand ajilladag ene utgaaraa unshigch olond ilvv hvrch ihiig medeesei gesendee tand handaj bna

baigala wrote on 2011/01/24 - 13:32

sonirholtoi nom bna lee.dahin aylah bol holboo bariarai

chi&chi wrote on 2011/02/23 - 16:16

sain bna uu, ooriin chin tuhai zunduu sonsoj bsan bs halit medeelluudig chin uzej bsan. chinii ene ayalald chin amjilt husey. ene bol egel hunii sanasnaaraa yawdag hiideg zuil bish shu. AMJILT HUSEY.

Ganbold wrote on 2011/02/23 - 16:21

sn bnu nomni kod ntere hna temdegluleh we

haliun wrote on 2011/02/27 - 19:41

sain bna u ene odriin mend ta olon ulsaar ybj uzsen uchir MONGOLD heregtei zuil yu bgaag sain medeh baih mongol uls maani hugjihud odoo yu dutuu bna ve ta heleed ogooch
za aylald chin amjilt husii sain ybaad ireerei

amgaa wrote on 2011/04/20 - 16:51

sain bainuu tand ene udrin medn taniar ih baharhaj bn bi tanii tuhai ih sonsoj baisan ch site iig chini odoo l uzej bn ta ih zorigtoi yum hen hunii hiigeed baidaggui aylaliig hiij zorig tewcheer gargasanaar chini ih baharha bn iim aylal hen hunii sanaand bagtahgui baih herwee ta dahij aylahaar bolood hytdaar dairwal manaid zochilohiig husy bi nuhurteigee hytadiin guangdou mujiin guangzhou hotod amidardaG TAND TSAASHDIIN AJIL AMIDARALD CHINI AMJILT HUSY

dashka wrote on 2011/07/07 - 10:02

sarluu yavahiig yorooy

tsaska wrote on 2011/07/18 - 02:03

chi bol nomer 1

tsaska wrote on 2011/07/18 - 02:04

hi za chamd amjilt husey chinii aylaliin temdegleliig uzlee saihan zuiluud ih bn gehdee chamd neg yum zovloh gesen yumaa ene bol heleh estoi zuil gej bi bodoj bn chinii bichsen edgeeriig ochnoon humuus harj bga bolohoor yumaa bichihdee ug usgiin aldaagaa sain hynaj bgad tavij baival zugeer bolovuu gej minii huvid bodoj bn yagaad geheer odoo tsagt internet nomnii orond hereglee bolson gehed hilsdehgui bolovuu nom unshdag hun bagsaad l bga shde hun buhen medee medeeleliig internetees avch bn chi ch bai bi ch bai buh yumaa l avch bga 80 nastanaas 8 nastan hurtel internet gedeg bolj bi yu gej heleh geed bn geheer ug usgiin aldaa gedeg chini bas neg dutagdal ch geh yumuu da adgiin naad zah ni yumaa hun zov bichdeg bh heregtein bolovuu gej bodson yum gehdee chamaig buruutgaj bgan bish tsag zav enee teree geed zondoo shaltgaan bdg l bh gehdee olon hun harna uzne shu enenees avahuulaad chamd tuslah demjih humuus ch bas bagsaj magadgui gej bodson yum ene odoo ugee ch zov bichij chadahgui baij gej magad shu chamaig shuumjleh gej bi eniig bicheegui yum shu mgl-n ireedui bolson manai huuhduud haraad unshaad dadal bolchvol bas l buruu bichdeg nohor negeer nemegdej bn l gesen ug shde tiim shuu oilgooroi chamd amjilt husey

zoloo wrote on 2011/09/06 - 23:57

uneheer goe umaa…… unshij uzlee taalagdaj bna.”’ gehdee yaaj ingej yawj bgaa yum????? yamar shalguuraarch geh yumu ..?

julia wrote on 2011/09/11 - 01:13

Сайн байна уу Амай. Юуны өмнө чамд амжилт хүсье. Би анх удаа сэтгэгдэл бичиж байна. Саяхан “Гайхамшигт Ертөнц” номыг тань уншсан. Энгийн ойлгомжтой бичигдсэн байна лээ. Их сонирхон амтархан уншсан. Д.Нацагдоржийн “Хуучин хүү” зохиол дээр “Гэтэл хуучин хүүгийн нэг нөхөр нь хувьсгалын бууг тавьсан өдрөөс эхлэн, хөмөрсөн тогооны дотор гэрэл тусч, нэг аймаг улс сэргэв.
Тэнгэрийн хаяанаас цааш газар байдгийг мэдэж, таван далай таван тивийг танин шинэ ертөнц дээр хамт явах замыг нээв.
Хөх монгол улаан монгол болов
Хуучин хүү шинэ хүү болов
Юутай завшаан, юутай баяр” гэж гардагчилан Амай таны хийж байгаа аялал, зорилго,хүсэл тэмүүлэл, зориг, дайчин байдал тань нэгэн үнэтэй ойлголт шинэ гэрэлийг залуус бидэнд тусгаж өгч байна. Баярлалаа. Нэг хүний хүсэл мөрөөдөл нөгөө хүний хүсэл мөрөөдлийг ч бүтээж болдог гэж найз минь надад хэлж байсныг Амай таны аялал, нийтэч зорилго, аян замын тэмдэглэл, шинэ зүйл рүү залуус биднийг хөтөлсөн уриалга зэргээс ойлгож авлаа. Баярлалаа Амай.

amka wrote on 2011/09/23 - 13:06

Бас нэг санал хүсэлт байна. Блогынхоо өнгө үзэмж, эма цэгц зэрэг дээр нь анхаараарай.

amka wrote on 2011/09/23 - 13:10

ymar goy yum be………. mash goy yuma bi 14 nactai l daa bi olon ulc ornoor aylaxiig mash xusdeg tanii aylal chini unexeer gaixaltai ta mongoliin mynga myngan zaluuct itgej naidvar hucel moroodol ogch bgaa xun shuu tand amjilt husie

nomin wrote on 2012/01/28 - 21:38

Ih sain yum aa . Ikh bayrlaj bna. Bi ch bas urgelj aylah durtai odoogoor 3 han ornoor l aylaj uzsen hedii ch ushuu olon ornoor aylsan uedee uuriinhuu uzel bodliig huvaalcay daa.Bayr hurgey ee.

Badarmaa wrote on 2012/02/06 - 17:21

sain uu. Nadad mash saihan sanagdlaa. Bi ch bas ayalah durtai.

Inda wrote on 2012/02/18 - 09:53

wow mundag ym a

zula wrote on 2012/05/24 - 19:33

tanii tsaashdiin ajild amjilt husiye

Duurenjargal. ch wrote on 2014/01/21 - 21:56


Тэнгэс wrote on 2014/03/04 - 20:28

Ayalal bolgoniig chini demjij baidag shuu.Amjilt husie.

Oyuka wrote on 2014/03/08 - 15:47
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