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Hello and a warm welcome to my world of lonely traveler.

My name is Jambalsuren ZOLBAYAR – but I prefer use “Amaï ”, my artist name.

I am from Mongolia, a country where the last nomad people on this planet are living in an endless, unspoiled environment. Our civilization is based on nomad values and traditions founded on love and protection of Nature. We believe we have to keep the Nature’s secrets from generation to generation.

As I mentioned it above, I am an artist, a musician more precisely.

On my journey I am following the ancient Mongolian tradition of BADARCHIN.

This is an old Mongol tradition coming from the nomads: At that time, young high skilled men, provided with the best education were going for a long journey after they had grown up and rich maturity, to emprove their knowledge and search for anwers.

Sort of messenger, explorer, ambassador, journalist of the ancient times, BADARCHINS used to explore, understand and learn about the lands and countries they crossed, spread news and information from all parts of the world and brought back knowledge to their people.

Thus BADARCHIN had always been very well-respected by Mongols who used to offer them great hospitality and honors. Marco Polo was one the few foreign traveler accepted as a BADARCHIN by Mongols and one of the most respected in history.

This tradition had been abandoned in practice through the times, but is still vivid in people’s mind as a great Mongol culture heritage.

So in order to follow the tradition this tradition that I embraced as a vocation, I left Mongolia at the age 25, on November 4 – 2005, to go around the world, pass all 6 continents (Asie, Europe, Africa, America, Antartic, Australia) and visit at least 150 countries.

During the past centuries my country has experienced long periods of blockades from the Manjur occupation to the communist regime of USSR making it very difficult for Mongols to explore other cultures and civilizations, and just as difficult for foreigners to visit Mongolia.

Thus until around 1990 Mongols lost contact with the outside world.

And the outside world lost contact with us.

Therefore, as a BADARCHIN, the purpose of my world-travel is not only to educate myself – but also to educate the rest of the world about the proud history, nomad culture and mystical traditions of Mongolia. This is also to educate Mongols who are not able to go and explore the outside world, telling them from a Mongol point of view about all its traditions, cultures and beautiful places.

Thus I wish is to be a bridge that opens Mongolia to the rest of the world.

Because we, Mongols, want to be open to others, and at the same time we need others to understand and respect our culture and traditions in order to preserve our way of living for the upcoming generations.

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