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Batu clan’s Doctor (Ph,Sc) Jambalsuren’s son ZOLBAYAR, known and respected in Mongolia as AMAI, was born during the democratic socialist time on June 28th, 1979 into an intellectual family in Ulaanbaatar city the capital of Democratic People Republic of Mongolia. (father is a Mongolian National University’s History teacher).
He is the first generation of city born Mongol-Hun’s in oldest and continues civilization of Steppe Nomads. /Building the first city in Natureland Mongolia started only in 1950’s/.
In 1986 his family moved to Irkutsk city of Soviet Union because of his father`s academic work. There he studied in a Soviet school for four years until the age of twelve, learning the Soviets ideology, Russian language, western lifestyle and city culture.
After collapse of USSR in 90’s, relationship between the two countries was frozen and his family moved back to democratic capitalist Mongolia.
Amai returned to his school N°23 where kids with higher intellectual ability could study special programs to be the social worker or State servant in the future.
This was the time when Cold war ended, iron curtain fell and Mongolia was swallowed by capitalism, greed and selfishness.
He helplessly watched how fast his country spiraling down endlessly into an economic and political crisis.
Most of Mongols got blinded by the glittering lights of western lifestyle. Forgetting that we are people of Tengri. The last remain of human kind who still believe that Mother Earth is a live. And everything on it has a LIFE.
After having graduated from high school in 1997 Amai studied at the Mongolian National University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Foreign Affairs in Japanese Studies. After he studied in Mongolian University of Culture and part time Academy of Administration for Master of Business Administration. In addition to satisfy his endless curiosity Amai took multiple courses of electrician, computer sciences, traditional Mongolian music, electro music production, fashion design, video editing and photography.
When he was student worked as anchor at FM radio, manager at Nightclub and became a music producer and first promoter of electro music, clubbing culture in Mongolia.
In 2001, Amai laid the foundation for the “Club 21” movement and organized several well-known cultural events involving Mongolia’s leading musicians, bands, DJ`s. In 2005, Amai was nominated as “Best Event Promoter” because of his thoughtful ideas and innovative projects.
Further on, Amai went into production and started to produce the TV program “Club 21”. The idea behind this project was to show Mongol young people the most intriguing clubs, parties and fashion trends to be found throughout the world. Shootings took place in cities like Singapore, Tokyo, Moscow and Chicago. The programs were edited for broadcast but the project was quickly stopped by censorship after its first broadcast because Mongolian society was not ready to accept what they interpreted as the promotion of alcoholism and bad morals.
Amai composed and released three albums: “I Love You” (2002), “Who Am I” (2003) and “Indigo” (2005) and was nominated for two music festivals.
Through the electro music Amai learned more about modern Western civilization and experimented with several fusions of the two totally different cultures with different age, to create something unique. Learning foreign culture and mixing with traditional has been the only way to prevent ancestral cultures from disappearing under the pressure of globalization.
Amai_the_Mongol (1)
Amai’s “Mongol Badarchin” project (In search of meaning of life)
In November 4th 2005 He became the “Badarchin” the person who leaves own life for search of enlightenment. (Same what Siddhartha did 2500 years ago)
To be the first one in all previous generations who’s exploring the world was a big challenge.
Because Mongolia opened its borders decade ago there was not much information about the world available in 300 years isolated from rest of the world backward country.
In 12 years of longest and hardest journey around the world 20 countries are in actual war affair.
Few time was rescued by UN peacekeeping operation.
Amai lived and crossed 86 countries with different background, religion, political and social system. Thousands of locations, millions of people and unimaginable life stories was brought back to homeland.
Upon his return from first mission that lasted for 4 years and 6 months, Mongolian public gave Amai a very warm welcome at Sukhbaatar Square, the Central Square of the capital. Afterwards he was officially received by the Mongolian President and the Mongolian Prime Minister who showed their respect to Amai and his outstanding mission that will be written in oldest history of Human kind, Tengri believer Nomads.
After returning from last mission in 2017 Amai was sick with kidney failure and lived under dialyses machine for 2 year and half, straggling to survive daily.
In November 18th 2019 Amai had donor operation and after returned to normal life.
Mongol Badarchin project ended.
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Amai has been honored a “North Star” medal by President of Mongolia. Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Culture honored him medals of professionalism, The Academy of Science of Mongolia thanked Amai by giving him the highest academic medal “Khublai Khaan”. Also, awarded Amai the title of “Professor of Foreign Studies”. The Union of Peace and Friendship awarded Amai the honorary “Medal of Friendship”. Mongolian Journalist Association ranked his writings to receive the highest nomination “Steel pan”. Medal “Hero of the youth” was nominated by the vote of general public. And many more medals was received for the mission that changing Mongolia.
The main goal of Mongol Badarchin project is to keep history of human kind in start of XXI century for the next 1000 years.
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