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  1. Delxii toiron ayalj baigaad bayar xurgie! Bi Sudani visa ix xetsuu gej sonsson. Yaj, xaanaas avsan be? Xed orchim mungu bolov? Mun Sudanii niislelees uur gazar gadaadiinhniig yavuuldaggui gesen unen uu?

  2. Ee byrhan mini yasan ch iimiir gazar vee dee..Uvchin muvchin tysaagui l yaamai…

  3. Blog uudiig chin unshihad sonirholtoi baina shuu!!!
    Sudan gedeg oron ch yor ni ayultai baihaa???

    anyway good luck!

    hope we will see you in Bangalore, India.


  4. endees l jinhene hund aylal ehelsen baihdaa? yun huuhen yun party ain keke

  5. Wow, i’m so impressed and PROUD of you man! Jesus, you are one brave real mongolian guy ever i heard of!!!
    Anyway, Unfortunately found your website just now, and here i’m in Nyala, South Darfur, Sudan. I just can not believe that you have been here, Boy! amazing, because its real hard work to get Sudanese visa and travel permit, but you seems didn’t get the travel permit or? I wish you could write little more here about Sudan and the culture and the danger that you witnessed, you know. I mean i dont have talent like you have, i mean writing talent or how do you call it. Nevertheless, This is amazing country here and i thought i was the only person from Mongolia who decided to come in this too far (in many ways) country. But you have been here, so I’m absolutely PROUD of you!!! Well i’m hoping to travel to other african countries from here, so gotta read everything what you wrote here.
    Maybe you are next Chinggis who is going so far!!!
    Well, Take care my dear and I wish you all the BEST.

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