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  1. dajgui l yum. Yamar negen comment baihgui dan zurag l bolson bna da. Ug n anh aylalda handaj baigaa handlaga chini arai oor baisan. Odoo bol zuger l photo tsugluulga bolson shig bna da.

  2. Hi Amai!
    Today I visited this page and I am thrilled to see you are still on the road having fun!
    I have also seen our picture from CP this September, playing frisbee 😉 now I only need to find a way to download it.

    well, I think I might travel all around the globe in 2013, just like you! in that case, I will let you know when I am in Mongolia so we can ride wild horses together 🙂

    enjoy yourself,
    hugs and kisses from Zagreb, Croatia

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