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Laura the Peace corp volunteer from US, the  friend i met in Bulgaria wrote me letter after my meeting with her students in east Bulgarian little town. The letter gave me more light and strength to continue my mission of the world.

Probably u will understand after reading the letter why im traveling and sharing the knowledge and happiness with PEOPLE.

I remember the day when i met first time the American traveler in my school, back in 1989.

I lived in Soviet Union the city Irkutsk, where i didnt meet any strangers beside Soviet Union citizens with same idea and lifestyle. That guy with different style and language opened my curiosity about others!

With this letter i believe now, that this kids had new window to the world!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009 8:28 PM

What my class wanted to tell you –


Your visit seemed to happen at the perfect moment for my eighth grade class. I’ll tell you why.

Yesterday an older student (17 years old) in the school you spoke at, murdered his Aunt (30 years old), her daughter (9 years old), and their rottweiler dog.  Then the student locked himself in the bathroom and slit his throat.

Karnobat is more quiet than usual today.  People are only talking about ‘that boy’ and the eighth graders you met are sad, confused, and scared.  There were police men in our school trying to get more information about this boy and the halls were buzzing with quietness.  Our director was sighing and teachers were crying.

So, what was I to do?  I didn’t feel like I could really go through a grammar lesson – I didn’t want to and I know the kids didn’t want to, either.  I wanted them to find some relaxation, some peace in our classroom.  I asked if they wanted to talk about their feelings and they did for a little while, but then, of course, they stopped communicating.  After a certain point, what more can you say?

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So, I asked them what they thought of your visit.  Their eyes lit up a bit, they sat straighter in their chairs. Ideas, thoughts, feelings, questions were spurting out of their brains faster than any of us could keep up. I told them to try to write their thoughts down, to understand them more clearly so we could discuss them in class.

I had intended this to only be a 4 to 5 minute writing exercise, but it ended up taking the entire class period.  They were so intent on writing letters to you – gathering their ideas about you, sharing thoughts and stories with each other about your time in their classroom.  I was so happy to see their thoughts on something other than the recent murders and deaths.

At the end of class they had all written something and they have asked me to share their thoughts with you.

So, this what they have to say, Amai (I have typed everything has they wrote it, mistakes and all):

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Amai the Mongol

By Vasi

My name is Amai.  I’m from Mongolia. I’m 26 years old I goes to travell in the world.  I love music and traveling.  I have traveled to 63 country.  I like animals (she drew picture of a bird) I rid elephants (she drew a picture of you riding an elephant) and camels (she drew a picture of you riding a camel).

In traveling I see beautiful places: the desert Sahara, Nigeria, the mountains and the rivers.  I was in Egypt.  I looked the pyramids (she drew a picture of you in front of pyramids), the seas, the oceans, and the long river Nile!  I know five languages.  In the world have very different people, places, country, and natures.  I like my home – the world.

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From Levina (the girl in the front of the class, in a yellow shirt, and who wrote me a letter)

On Monday when you introduce your friend Amai… Oh, it’s so cool to meet new people! Cool and interesting! The feeling it’s like a battery – load you with energy (loud laugh).

I want people to know Bulgaria like beautiful country with good and friendly people. And if I sometime go around the world I want to show Bulgarian culture, food, drink, language, and other things.  Our country it’s anonymous and different. Really little! But cute!

I really like Amai – he is interesting and good … I think he is a man with a big soul and good heart.  And I want to see him someday after all this time and in that day I can remember many things.  He is very smart.  I found other songs of Amai on the internet and yesterday and today I listen only to them.  They are different, but I like these songs.  They’re on Mongolian language and I can’t understand, but I can feel the songs.  They touch my soul… it’s so nice.  They can be very helpful when you are sad or angry.  I am really happy that I now know him.

(At the end of her entry, she drew a picture with two stick figures and a floating circle between them.  Under the picture she drew the word “friends”).

From Dimiter Paneev:

FREEDOM (then a picture of an eagle) NEVER STOP LEARNING.

From Dimiter Tabokov:

His name is Amai. He is different. He has got different eyes, he’s tall and he has got long, dark hair too.  Amai is a good man.  Amai is a world traveler.  He is from Mongolia.  Amai’s music is very good and scary.  It is scary because I don’t know hoe he does it. He looks like a rock star.  His hair and heart are very strong and beautiful. He is like a rock star. J

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From Valentine:


I love playing football.

I like to get up late.

I don’t like to do the washing up.

I hate math.

Amai was different than us. He wanted to know about the other countries so he started traveling around the world.  For the first time I met someone who has been to sixty-three different countries.

I was excited about this fact.  It made me think of a star.  I wanted to know what’s the life in the other countries, too.  It was very interesting when he told us that he saw so much countries. And I want to see them too—the elephants, the pyramids, the rhinos. Now it has become one of my dreams. J

He was tall and had a long, black hair.  His eyes were different than ours. He told us that this is because the windy weather in Mongolia.  I think this is very strange because there is no such weather in Bulgaria.

Amai was smart and intelligent.  He knew 5 languages!!!  He played music for us.  When I heared it for the first time I thought it’s pretty strange.  But then I realized it’s beautiful.  It thought there’s an instrument but I learned that it wasn’t.

(Valentine then drew a picture of the pyramids, the sun, clouds, sand, camels, and you.  He wrote: I want to see the pyramids too!!!! J)

From Desislava:

Amai the Mongol

He is different. His history are interesting.  He is tall with long dark hair and dark eye. He is funny and his storys too. He is from Mongolia and his name is Amai.  He is around 63 countrys.  He is good photography.  His photos are very nice in his website.

(Desislava drew a picture of the world with a circle at New York, where I’m from, Bulgaria, and Mongolia.  Then she put a box around the world and drew a person on the outside of the box.  She wrote: Always think outside the box).

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From Radina:

Amai is interesting but I want to go around the world like him.   He’s amazing.  The music when he’s playing is interesting.  He have 63 countries.  Amai is cool.  He is tall and he’s got a long, dark hair.  Amai is beautiful.

From Delian:


Amai was really interesting.  He was extraordinary and he gaved us some important advices.  We don’t see people from other countries every day, especially from Mongolia.  He told us interesting things about his life, about Mongolia.

If I was traveling I would like people to know about Bulgaria.  I’ll tell them where is Bulgaria.  I’ll tell them about Bulgarian beautiful nature, about our culure.

When I saw Amai I thought he is older than thirty years old, but then I changed my mind.  He learned us how to be extraordinary, unique.  Also, I really liked the sounds he did.  They were interesting.  When he made us close our eyes I felt that I am somewhere in the Mongol Mountains.  It was awesome!!  There were moments when I wanted to open my eyes, but I didn’t because it was more interesting to be in the Mongol Mountains than to see how he made these songs.

(He then drew a picture of you, with music notes coming from your mouth).

From Yani:

I like his music. Amai is interesting and his music is interesting too.  He has got a long dark hair and he is from Mongolia.  Amai said for his country. He said for soup in Africa.  Amai has got very interesting website.  He travel a world and he wrote for travel in website.  The soup has fish and chicken, too!

From Stoyan;

If I go traveling around the world I tell people for Bulgaria.  She is beautiful country and she has charming plases.  She is near to the Black Sea.  I think Amai is interesting because he is so different then us.  He goes traveling the world because he wants to know more and more.  He know five languages and I think that is great.  The soup is strange because it has beat, fish, egg, and chicken.  It’s unnormal and if someone give it to me, I won’t eat it.


She only drew a picture of you and the sun.  She wrote: Amai loves the sun.

From Boris:

I learned from Amai that you should be an active person.

You should want to learn and know

You must think different

You should always ask without being shy.

If I go to another country and must explain for Bulgaria I will tell them for the nature – very beautiful.  But, we have our minuses.  Bulgaria is dirty country.  People always think about themselves.  Like 70% of the county are selfish – stealing from the country, lying.

About Amai’s music:  It was just great! When he made us to close our eyes and started to play it I felt like I’m in film or something.  I was impressed and I really want to learn how to do that.  The sound he made me feel like I’m in the jungle.  (Boris then drew a picture of you with your mouth open and ‘waaaaa!!!’ coming from it).

He is an amazing, clever person! For the Mongol people same mind is strange think.  I just learned that yesterday. People in Mongolia live in two different civilizations.  Nomads and normal people, just like us (he then drew a picture of people on camels and wrote, ‘nomad life’).

I just can’t imagine how nomads live. I maybe won’t can live like that.  They always traveling, different places, no home… looks strange for me.

From Darina:

(She first drew several pictures of you, trees, camels, soup, animals).

Bulgaia is different than Mongolia.  It is beautiful but Bulgaria is grey. It hasn’t many animals.  People are different, the language is different, everything is different.

WHY? Because the country is different.  Amai wants to know everything.  He wants to know our culture and religion and that is great.

From Radina:

(At the top of her page, she wrote in fancy letters “Listen to your heart” and then drew a picture of a heart)

If you listen to your heart you will be yourself.

If you be yourself you are unique and different … like Amai.

Amai the Mongol is very nice and interesting good man.  He has got dark, long hair and different eyes, he’s very tall, but he is yourself and that is cool.  He is funny and he talk very different, but he’s man who like to learn about world.  He like traveling.  He’s traveling sixty-three country – Paris, Bulgaria, Geece, and almost all Africa. He’s so interesting. I liked to hear about his family and his life before and after traveling.

IMG_0228 (Custom)

They can’t wait to see the photos on your website.

Be safe, travel well, and keep shining your light.


Horaayy..there are 12 comment(s) for me so far ;)


Very cute letters, glad you inspired them and introduced our country and culture as well as others. BTW what are they talking about the fish and soup thing sounds kinda weird and interesting. ;) Keep up the good work. Good luck.

Long time fan.

Bayasaa wrote on 2011/11/03 - 11:30

It must’ve been very humble and proud experience! You seem to have influenced lot of people including me! hehe I finished reading your books!

undarmaa wrote on 2011/11/03 - 11:56

sain bna, hicheej l baigaarai, neg l udur buh zuil saihan bolno…

SARNIITUYA wrote on 2011/11/06 - 20:35

Awww u’re being a sunshine on a cloudy day…this post made my day too…glad u made those kids happy and ispired

Oogii wrote on 2011/11/09 - 08:17

sain bnu.tanii nom ih taalagdlaa amjilt hvsie

nasantogtoh wrote on 2011/11/10 - 16:13

I like the phrase

“If you listen to your heart you will be yourself.

If you be yourself you are unique and different ”

That’s very helpful for us Mongolians right in this moment.

XD I’m pleased with these letters. It’s so cute :) :) :)

Shinee Smilee wrote on 2011/11/13 - 22:32

Really loved the letters.How cute their thoughts and expression of their feeling. I am happy for you inspired them. Good luck!!! Mongolians and whole world love you.

Onon Aileen wrote on 2011/11/13 - 23:51

Sain bna uu, chinii medeeleluud neg l udaad baih bolj, Ydarch baigaa gedgiig chini medej bnaa, gehdee chi tengertei, hiimoritoi hun gedgee bitgii martaarai… setgeleer unaj bolohgui, humuus tuslahgui bna, namaig neg l oilgohgui bna gej bitgii gomdooroi, chi mundag shuu

sarniituya wrote on 2011/11/14 - 16:38

awesome letters. im so glad they opened up :)

bayaka wrote on 2011/11/20 - 17:22

hi i’m nasanbat and i’m 21 years old. i really want to travel all around the world just like you. you did great for me. you made me courage. i have been learning english for 5 months in order to travel. i need to study some more languages . i have question for you. how much time did you spend to learn 5 langueges? answer me PLS you are the best.

nasanbat wrote on 2011/12/04 - 19:10

i forgot to mention about the letters which are great i proud i’m mongolian

nasanbat wrote on 2011/12/04 - 19:15

Long dark hair!! :D huurhun zahianuud bn shu. Bas zarim feeling down uyd haraad, unshaad jaahan baysmaar :) Great job! Hope some of them will follow you in the future.

Sue wrote on 2012/02/13 - 15:19
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