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Angol n umnu n Portugaliin kolon baisan tul alban yosnii helend Portugal heliig ashgildag yum. Namaig Angoliin gazar nutgiig orhsnoos hoish manai naiz sonind garsan medeelliig ilgeesen buguud Portugal hel meddeg aaviin huu baival orchuulj ugch tusaln uu!

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Recently started to follow your footsteps…interesting I should say.
I found this article on the online version of Jornal de Angola under Societa section….though I don’t speak is similar with spanish. I’ll see what can I do…^-^ in the meantime good luck and safe journeys!!!!!!!!!!!

MIno wrote on 2008/02/25 - 20:39

I hope this helps…..^-^

“Tourist pedestrian passes by Angola in-route to 150 countries” By SANTOS VILOLA

A youth from Mongolia, without money, credit card or phone, only with a passport in his hand is traveling the world on foot in an adventure that began two years ago in his country and which will take him to about 150 countries around the world.
28 years old Amai Zolbajar Jambalsuren left Angola yesterday afternoon, the 31st country he visited. The day was January 31st.
The adventure, titled as “Around the World Trip” (in Portuguese: A tour around the world), will take him on his next step in to the journey to Democratic Republic of the Congo in the North African continent.
The Mongolian adventurer entered into our country through town of Santa Clara (Cunene province) in the border with neighboring Republic of Namibia. Amai walked for five days in order to reach Luanda.
His presence in the country aroused interest of the Angolan authorities from National Police to Armed Forces whom he said, had helped him to get lodging at a guest hotel in the capital, acquainted with the city and his route out of Angola.
“Coming to Angola has been a challenge”, he said, in fact he was advised by friends not to visit Angola due to its lack of security in just over five years of peace. Amai confessed that he thought of quitting passing by Angola, since he could not find any information on Angola over the internet except one page. ”The country is beautiful, the city is not much different from others in the West, people are wonderful and there are good things that need to be disclosed to change the image that people abroad have of this country,” he said in the exclusive interview for the Jornal de Angola in room 205 of the Hotel Forum.
To link the African continent he has left with 23 more countries to go out of over 120 countries around the world, which to reach he will be crossing continents of Asia, Africa, Europe and America, to complete his goal of 150 countries. “Amai, The Mongol” was also in Sudan, Kenya and Mozambique on his crusade of the African continent.
With his slim figure, Amai Zolbajar is one meter and 85 cm high, weighs 70 kilograms and carries only one backpack from the beginning of his route, with a computer, compass, maps, a pair of slippers, another of tennis, couple of pants and an equal number of shirts. Amai Zolbajar, a producer, manager and promoter of music, cinema and audiovisual art, has a degree in International Relations and is currently doing masters in management at an economics institute in his country. He speaks Mongolian, English, Russian and Japanese.
It all started two years ago, when Amai planned to travel over North Mongolia (Asian country located between Russia and China) to Europe and North America. When he arrived in Europe he decided to extend his adventure to other countries around the world. The mission, he says, is simple. It is to reach out to “Lands without Limits” by crossing country borders without using any means of transport (cars, airplanes, ships, motor vehicles) only on foot or by basic local transport when necessary. The conventional means of transport are only used when there are no other alternatives.

MIno wrote on 2008/02/26 - 23:50

en orchuulgiig bichij ugsun hund bayarlaa! Angol ulsad yariltslag ughud bag zergiin orchuulgiin aldaanuud garsan bain, gehdee yaachij baisan niitiin teevreer bish , gazriin unaagaar gantsaaraa angoliin niisleld hursen anhnii juulchin bolj baij ch magadgui sanagdlaa! Minod dahin bayarlaa!

Thank u Mino!

amai wrote on 2008/03/04 - 06:58

SAinuud uu?Bugdeeree.Ene Mino-giin orchuulsan materialiig Mongol helen deer orchuulj ugch tuslah hun baina uu?Angli hel medehguin zovlongoor zovoj baigaa ulsuudad buyan boloh yum daa.

Ganoil wrote on 2008/03/22 - 09:26

лучше помолчи,ага?

Ensuccick wrote on 2009/10/15 - 04:29

Ангол улсын хэвлэл мэдээлэлд
Ангол улс өмнө нь Португалийн колони байсан тул албан ёсны хэлэнд португали хэлийг ашигладаг юм. Намайг Анголын газар нутгийг орхисноос хойш манай найз сонинд гарсан мэдээллийг илгээсэн бөгөөд португали хэл мэддэг хүн байвал орчуулж өгч тусална уу!

Otgonbat wrote on 2011/08/17 - 17:00
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